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Feb 2, 2013 11:00am PST
francisco, so i will say that. >> san francisco, san francisco. you are from london. i know you did not grow up perhaps as a football fan. >> a different kind of football. >> that's right. they call it rugby. >> the real football. here is the thing. i'm a big ports chick. so in other words, do i understand the game, no? but when it came to the super bowl, i'm all in, i'm nice in the kitchen, i will be doing stuff in the kitchen and then i think i'm going for the 49ers. >> you think? >> don't ask me why, because i cannot give you a good explanation. but i think the big kfrgds will be beyonce's half time performance. >> we know one thing, she will be singing it. >> and's ad will be the most talked about. >> and the two brothers that were coaches, i want to see how dinner goes in their house. >> we have on go. my corporate bosses are speaking, esther, sure to be a great game either way. we enjoyed having you. have to come back, we have to get you back here. we will see you back here tomorrow. 3:00 eastern, i will talk to form former texas senator, and al sharpton will join me. chuck
Feb 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
university and were on their way back to pennsylvania when it happened. >>> and a bizarre story out of london today. police there tasered a knife-wielding man outside buckingham palace this morning. it happened in front of a large group of tourists during the changing of the guard ceremony there. that man is now in police custody. >>> two hours and counting before the big game kicks off at the superdome. more than a hundred million people are expected to watch the game on television. it is also for the first time being streamed free online starting at 6:00. nbc's janet shamlian is joining us again from the big easy. the saints aren't marching into the superdome, but it's still one big party in new orleans. how are they getting geared up for the big game? >> reporter: it is a big party. i was inside the superdome and there are almost as many saints jerseys in there today as 49er and ravens. so a lot of folks in new orleans seem to have gotten their hands on the elusive tickets and showing their saints spirit. in terms of super bowls, this is a tenth one new orleans has hosted, so they're no st
Feb 24, 2013 12:00pm PST
in london had a short while ago about 7:30 local time there, we're told. he will visit ten countries in europe and the middle east. >>> and with just five days now until the massive budget cuts known inside the beltway as the sequester could take effect, members of both parties are ratcheting up the rhetoric and pointing fingers. members of congress are slowly making their way back to d.c. from this country and governors across the country are already there from the national governorees association conference and with the sequester looming they are not happy. joining me now from the white house, nbc's peter alexander, our white house correspondent. peter, how seriously is the president taking the gripes of the governors at this point? >> reporter: i think he takes it very seriously, craig, and i think the white house has made it clear saying this is on the backs of republicans right now to act. republicans say they have acted, and they are putting it back at the president saying he's the one who needs to lead right now, but with these governors in town, many of them coming here to th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)